CORE 300

Men’s Ministry 

Come and join us as we dig deeper into becoming the men God has called
us to be within our families, churches and our jobs.  Meeting times are Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  For more information, please contact the church
office at 770.971.4232 for more information! 
Men’s Ministry at GraceLife reaches out to the men of our church body and to our surrounding community. This vital ministry is based on Proverbs 27:17
“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”
As a Christian men’s ministry, our mission is to boldly call men “out of the stands and into the arena,” bonded in authentic community with other men, training in authentic small groups as warrior-disciples and servant leaders, to rescue those in need… all through the power and for the glory of Jesus Christ.
The way CORE 300 men’s ministry does this is to provide Christian men with sound biblical teaching resources to break the chains of isolation and the bondage of sin, then develop Godly character, and to equip them to change their world for good. 

Does the name “Mighty Warrior fit you? 

It does for the CORE 300 men of GraceLife Church!

The world sees Christianity as weak and teaches men that they’ll become a sort of passive, milquetoast “nice guy”. While we “do” think we’re nice guys we’re much more than that. We’re men on a mission, commissioned by Christ to be passionate, committed leaders serving His Church. That takes more than a “nice guy. When God called on Gideon, His angel said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Another translation reads, “The Lord is with you O mighty man of valor.” 

Mighty warrior. Mighty man of valor. Sounds better than “nice guy,” doesn’t it? CORE 300 Men’s Ministry is where true manhood is formed-in Christ and with other men. CORE 300 men love and respect God and their families. They respect their leaders and they lead. They look to serve those in need. They learn, they grow and they help others do the same. At GraceLife Church that means CORE 300 men are Champions, they are active and together, they are a band of brothers. 
The CORE 300 Classes are open to all men who want to grow in their faith and knowledge.  As they progress, men learn how to help other men and teach them to develop in their faith.  CORE 300 men are active. The interests and activities GraceLife men are involved in, is as varied as each person, there are opportunities to find men who share those interests.  There are several organized events, including: Golf, Retreats, Bowling, shooting, basketball, and much more.  You’ll see men throughout the church serving often in simple ways.  It’s part of who we are- servant leaders following Christ’s example.  Men also meet with each other in their walks with God.  That togetherness helps us form a group of mighty men, a real band of brothers.  We believe this is what God called us to-manhood.  Honoring God, honoring our leaders, honoring our families and honoring the church by looking for ways to serve and help others.  That takes a man.  Are you up for it?  For more information, please contact James Northcutt through our church office at (770) 971-4232 or by sending an email by clicking here.
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