At GraceLife, a LifeGroup is another term for small group.  Our LifeGroups are small groups of people who meet regularly in various homes or at the church. They are designed to allow times of worship, prayer, teaching, great discussion, food and fellowship.  They are a great way for our members to connect on a more personal level and build life long relationships. 


Jason Kimbell

Familes Pastor 

 A Place Of Care – You will be ministered to as an individual with love, support and encouragement. By belonging to a LifeGroup, your needs will be known and cared for.

A Place Of Fellowship – LifeGroups foster an intimate and relaxed atmosphere where you will make new friends. Even if you are timid, you will feel comfortable. Some groups have people in similar stages in life, i.e., singles, teens, married couples, but most are mixed with people of all ages.
A Place Of Discipleship – You will grow spiritually as you learn Biblical truths and participate in discussion relevant to your life. You will have the opportunity to exercise your spiritual gifts and you will learn to disciple others in the faith and become a leader.
A Place Of Evangelism – You will feel comfortable bringing your friends, workmates, neighbors and relatives who have not yet experienced the life that is in Jesus Christ. They will have a great time!
Locations – We have several LifeGroup locations in different counties. Please inquire to find a LifeGroup that will meet your needs.
Get Connected – If you would like help connecting to a LifeGroup, please contact our church office by calling 770.971.4232 or by clicking here to send an email.
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